I got drunk and made a promise….

Two years ago I met an amazing man who happened to be vegan. Veganism was a dating deal breaker for me because all the vegans I knew were total assholes. I blew it off because I thought he was hot and figured we were just going to sleep together for a while.

Then I fell in love with the fucker. 

One drunken night, I promised that when we moved in together, I would try to go vegan. I blame Four Loko for this decision.

Since we moved in together a year and a half ago, our groceries are 100% vegan. Other than that though, it’s been a whole lot of hit and miss for me. At first I resented him for “forcing” this lifestyle change on me and I gorged on cheese whenever he wasn’t around. Now, after becoming much more educated, it’s a lifestyle that I believe in and really want to embrace.

But I still fuck up. 

This blog chronicles my fuck ups and my triumphs.

There are a lot of vegan assholes out there. They make you feel shitty when you make mistakes or give in to temptation. To those people, I say fuck you.

You can make mistakes, you can make the change gradually. You learn along the way. It’s not a magic, perfect change right from the start. And anyone who tells you it should be is a dick.

Now go enjoy my fuck ups, recipes and ridiculously vulgar mouth.


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