About those chickens…

After ranting (eloquently and thoughtfully) about chickens and goats being “slaves” I went to visit my friend who owns the chickens. Since the last time I had been there, the chicken area had been extended to more than twice it’s originally size. Two of the ladies were out in the yard with the dogs, poking around in the garden and enjoying the rare Portland sunshine.

My heart has been officially stolen by Freddie. The young chicken that my friends found wandering the streets of their neighborhood. After putting up found signs and asking around to their neighbors yielded no results, they decided she should join their family. I have never met a more charming bird in my life. She wants to be near people at all times. She kept hopping up into the hammock we were all sitting in with the dogs. I have never seen a chicken jump. It was hilarious.

This photo was taken after Kaitlin fled the hammock because Freddie was trying to get into her lap.

I invited her to hang out with me instead.

Her favorite place to hang out is on your shoulder.

The minute that Zach got home, both girls ran up to him and jumped into his lap. Freddie, of course, scrambled for his shoulder.

Even Kaitlin was eventually won over by her. 

It was such an awesome afternoon. Lazing in the hammock with two of my favorite ladies with five dogs and four chickens running all over the yard. I understand the idea that animals cannot be owned, should not be owned. But as was pointed out in the comments on the last post, we live in a society that has been domesticating animals for years and years. I don’t see that changing any time soon. For me, that’s the last place my focus needs to be. Educating people on factory farming, animal abuse and what’s in our food is so much more important than caring if someone owns chickens. I’m thrilled that Freddie was found by an amazing family that is giving her a great life. If she was left wandering the streets, she wouldn’t have survived.

Also, on the owning animals front, anyone that knows my dog knows that he owns me.



  1. monica

    Loooved this post, can’t wait to have a doggy too. So happy to have bumped into your blog, i’m going to be a huge fun!
    thank you for being a considerable inspiration to me. I am full of contradictions and despite i strive to omit any form of hypocrisy in my life and actions, i am a total failure in terms of continuity and dicipline, a regular fuck up on the coherance front.
    Hopefully writers like yourself, and by the way, your style is very entretaining, will help me in my quest for better-ing myself. Au plaisir, Monica.

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