Review: Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ Food Cart

Sweet tits, I can’t believe it’s taken me two months to get my ass to this cart and gorge myself.

I’d like to start this by mentioning that I’ve never been a health food person. Being vegan, for me, doesn’t mean I’m eating any better than I used to. It just means I’m not hurting anything by eating the junk food I eat now. In fact, I get all sorts of pissy when  I go to a vegan restaurant and find nothing but hummus, falafel, kale salads and chick pea burgers. Not that those things are bad. I just don’t want them in my mouth.

I’m at the point in veganism (and perhaps this never goes away) that I just want to eat everything that I got to eat before, minus the dairy. I still want mac and cheese and milk shakes and ranch dressing. I just have to either make it from scratch or find the few and far between junk food vegan places in PDX.

Homegrown Smoker is so very much my kind of place. Their website is lacking and their hours are wonky but the food makes it worth it ten times over. Plus they just opened a cart on the east side! Because I don’t know about the rest of you south easters but I never go to the west side unless I have to.

Today I got the Loafaroni. It’s a bbq meatloaf sandwich with mac and cheese. No, not mac and cheese on the side. Mac and cheese on top of the meatloaf IN the sandwich. I got baked beans as my side and while the flavor was great they were kinda crunchy. Not sure if that was a weird batch or if they’re always that way.

Guuuuh…so good. The boyfriend got the Macancheetoh. I could be spelling that wrong but who cares. The only thing you need to know is that it’s a burrito filled with sausage, mac and cheese and baked beans. WHAT? Yes.

I don’t think I could eat here much more than twice a month due to the serious gut bomb feeling after I ate. Not gut bomb like I was going to shit my pants or barf. Just in the way that it was a lot of rich flavors in a lot of food.


They have new specials all the time. Today’s was a pastrami sandwich topped with, what else, mac and cheese. Their website informs you of menu changes and their twitter feed keeps you up to date on their hours.

All in all, I’d say 9 out of 10 puppies:

Christmas puppies no less. In June. Sure.



  1. luminousvegans

    LOL at “just don’t want them in my mouth”. I get that way too A LOT, though sometimes a hummus and kale excite me. That macancheetoh (?) looks amazing and I might have to try making my own since I can’t get out to Portland any time soon.

  2. Kate

    The macnocheeto is my favorite item at Homegrown Smoker.

    Sometimes they have coconut deep-fried Oreos on special for dessert. They come with chocolate dipping sauce. I highly recommend them, although I don’t recommend eating them all in one sitting. Eat one and save the others for later. They re-heat quite well in a toaster oven.

    • Sweet Bird

      They had the oreos that day! I really wanted them but after the Loafaroni it was all I could do just to haul my ass back to the truck and get out of there. I need to make a trip back for those.

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